UK Life in the Fitzpatrick Family Bubble

Hello from Lockdown UK where we have been like you all at home living like this for a good month now and it will be a few weeks yet here before anything looks like changing.

Thankfully here it is now Spring and set to be the warmest April in goodness knows how long so ‘we’ (Sean!) have taken advantage of the opportunity to really spruce up outside…painting, hedge trimming etc. We managed a trip to the Garden Centre a few days before Lockdown and have planted lots of herbs and lettuces etc. The outdoor squabs and chair covers have been spring cleaned, cushions aired and the outdoor fire is lit every evening.

‘We’ (Sean!) have taken advantage of the opportunity to really spruce up outside

Inside its been about sorting cupboards and swapping out winter for summer. And we are spending a lot of time planning and preparing meals that take a little more thought and effort than usual.

Saturday night is dinner party night when we push the boat out a bit more; Like our beef wellington last Saturday. We dress up, do hair and makeup and set the dining table.

Saturday night is dinner party night

Thursday night is clapping night. Everyone in the UK is so grateful to and admiring of the frontline workers…the NHS and Carers in particular who are putting their lives on the line for us everyday… and so at 8pm every Thursday we stand outside on the street and clap/ bang pots etc for two minutes to show our thanks and support for these people. It gives you that teary warm fuzzy feeling for sure.

And there is much fundraising going on. You may have heard about Captain Tom who turns 100 next week and he has so far raised £28million!!! Walking around his house on his Zimmerframe 100 times.

A young boy with spina bifida also on a frame has just started his own walking campaign and has so far raised about £140,000. The feeling of community and the sense of caring makes us proud and gives us strength when we are so isolated.

This Saturday is ANZAC Day and we will in lieu of attending dawn services, the Cenotaph and Westminster Abbey be able to participate digitally from home. #StandAtDawn 

In the meantime…time to get the recipe books out for Saturday night.

Stay Safe

Love from the Fitzpatrick’s

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