Ligne Roset

Designer: Marie Christine Dorner for Ligne Roset

THE CONCEPT: a repetition of uprights and shelves, decreasing in depth towards the right or left and also upwards, the volume of this shelving unit appears to reduce as if disappearing towards the ceiling. This effect creates a range of unexpected, interesting storage possibilities.
The customer will decide whether to position the deepest upright on the right or left of their shelving unit at the time of installation.
Two shelving units placed back to back create a double-sided unit which is both useful and fairly rare, thus giving rhythm to a space. In this configuration, the back panel is partially reduced, with small separation panels bringing both rhythm and rigidity whilst retaining a degree of transparency.
Back panels and side panels are ordered using separate references, but it is recommended that these be specified in the same colour; however the shelves may be either contrasting or even specified in an assortment of colours.

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