My home office

Welcome from my home office to yours,

Like everyone we have to adapt to a different way of working.

At DOMO we are setting up a “Shop the Showroom,” section on our website so we have been busy getting prepared. We cannot wait to showcase.

To create my home office  I chose to use my Dining table, as l have outdoor dining on my deck. (Thanks to Domo!). I needed to make it my personal space.

I have grown over the last 3 and half weeks to love my new office. It was important l made it a work space. l am old school. I am not lying on the bed or sofa with a laptop. I do notice though as my son is getting ready for online University he and l spent last night organising his room, desk and chair. I was enjoying watching him transform his room with his very own unique style.

So it is not only you that is finding your inner design skills, your children as well!

Happy Work,

Stay safe,

Anna x

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