Home styling with Vases

Greetings from my home to yours.

Vases are a great addition to tell your own design story and with featured candles it’s the total feel good package. No luxury spa visits these days so why not make home feel like a five star haven?

Tip: Don’t limit yourself with using vases for an interior idea only.

I like to use the Domo glass (clear) vases and l am always rearranging their contents with different looks. These usually start with a citrus story from lemons & limes, scented or unscented candles or my favourite white roses. I am liking a lush look right now and I am alternating between greenery from my garden or my artificial pieces.

Keeping the vases clear and sparkling is important and easily done with Spray and Wipe. Then hose down and dry with a cotton, slightly damp, cloth.

Remember: You need to invest in a vase that can withstand wind and rain to maintain your exterior look (as we talked about in blog post one). This could mean a heavy weighted thick glass or making sure you have weighted it in the bottom with styling stones or enough water.

I have always got a few different vases on the go because you are putting together a story, or a few stories with the extra time on my hands these days.

Plain vases work well with other more decorative items. My ornate silver Candelabra was my grandmothers. It was handed down to my Mother and now it is with me. (That does come inside at night) My angel is a very special find. I have had it for years – it came back with me from Ireland.

You can develop and build on your current stories, or try new ones, by hunting through your cupboards or switching up room looks…you’ll make your own fabulousness! 

It is important to remember this is about your personal story. It’s your home and your space so it should always reflect your personality. 

Stay safe, Anna x

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