Fruit Plate

Welcome from my home to yours,

I absolutely love my Ligne Roset Eplaff (fruit bowl) – it is a piece of Art.

I’ve had it hanging on the wall in the kitchen, as a fruit bowl, with candles, on my dining table as a center-piece or like l have done now on my outdoor table with greenery from the garden. (l have a little more time to be creative!)

From my interior table decoration you can see my artificial flower center-piece. As there are no fresh flowers at the moment l found these artificial flowers in the linen cupboard. I always keep a few stashed away. I washed them and let them dry in the beautiful sunshine and made them into a floral arrangement.

I am totally a real fresh cut flower person. They bring scent and joy into your home. You can create a feeling of beauty or fun, depending on the mood or the event. l even spray them with additional perfume so as you walk past them they smell even more wonderful. Chanel Number 5 is my favourite. For an Easter piece I threaded the greenery through and for a touch of old school glamour and fun I put my pearls on the greenery.

Lastly my ‘Love’ sign moves all through the house depending on my mood so it’s the perfect pick for an Easter table decoration. That is what Easter is all about this year. Remember there is always a solution, we just have to become creative with our thinking and try things in different ways than we usually would.

Again you can see a story created, with one stand out piece which you can add to with items you have in your home. Use long lost treasures or fun bits and pieces from that top drawer in your kitchen. Just use your imagination.

Stay Safe, Anna x

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