Day 20

Stir Crazy!

After my initial blog on cleaning cushions, I realised that I had left out a huge insight.

The cushions pictured in my blog are a client’s set that I am cleaning and they are over 15 years old! This set in particular is made by Domo in New Zealand with Sunbrella fabric and reticulated foam. What this shows us is that if the right products are used from the beginning, they will last the test of time in the New Zealand environment.

Cushioning over the past 5 years has developed more so in design than furniture. We are now able to use different inners wrapped in a waterproof covering giving the nice soft comfort of an indoor settee but surviving under outdoor conditions, still mostly using Sunbrella fabrics, possibly with not the longevity of reticulated foam, as they require a little bit more maintenance. That’s where we can help if required.

Just be aware that some fabrics are showerproof not waterproof and under our harsh New Zealand conditions will break down or fade in a short timeframe. I have seen evidence of this myself as we do have changing weather patterns more so than our European cousins. Taking the time to do due diligence on these fabrics will help you in the long run making your outdoor furniture fun to own and enjoy because it lasts the distance.

Beware of imitations.

Stay Safe,


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