Creating your personal story

Welcome from my home to your home. I have always been a believer in creating a look that tells a story about your personality, so to help you find your creativity I have created my outdoor lounger look. This is truly my happy place. Home, sun and a good lounger. You need a quality lounger so it can be left outside all year round. There is no way I am bringing mine inside all the time. You also need a good outdoor squab. This is a must and it must repel and drain the dampness otherwise the squabs will quickly deteriorate and you will be replacing them each season if not sooner. These key items need to stand the test of time and they are worth the investment to make sure they do. Continuing with my look, I have used indoor cushions for the additional styling, yes you bring these in, and these compliment the whole look and add volume to the squabs. The decorative cushions are easy to make. Think off-cut designer fabrics. Ends of rolls are perfect. Get your sewing machine out and make them a personal note of your style. I chose navy as these go with most of the tones in the house. If they don’t sit outside on the loungers they sit back inside on the couches. Remember with colours a tone like navy is smart and never dates. It can always throw a splash of classic colour against any setting. The towels that are rolled tightly add a special touch. It feels more luxurious than just sitting in the backyard. When friends come over it makes them feel extra special too. My pots are from my darling Mother so I adore them. I have put artificial greenery inside but you could find some beautiful topiary potted plants at any plant store. With artificial they always stay full and green of course. I am really obsessed with artificial greenery. I can’t seem to keep a plant alive so this suits my lifestyle and you still get the look. I spray painted a very old candle holder someone was throwing out and I have placed my $2 candle inside. The idea is to always build on what you have but by investing in quality pieces that will be with you for a long time. The styling layer doesn’t have to cost the earth. I would love to see how creative you are becoming during this time. Please send your pictures to me and if you need ideas or help to achieve your own personal look in your home, I would love to help. Stay Safe, Anna x