The Bedroom

Welcome from my home to yours,

The bedroom. What a place. My family know how much I love an afternoon nap and that’s where I rest best. In my bedroom where it is quiet and it’s all mine.

I have always believed your bedroom should be a place of serenity and your personal domain.

It’s worth investing in a good bed and the best linen – everything else you can create and refresh and have some fun! 

For the bed linen l chose Ligne Roset (100% Cotton Satin with European Shams in 98 Colours), pure luxury at the end of each day (and some afternoons!) Ligne Roset linen is available at DOMO.

To add to my style and look, I found some off cut designer fabric and an old duvet cover that I made into the duvet end and cushions.

The bedside table was from the School Fair which l stripped! (May have been a little easier using a hand sander!) then did a french paint. What a great feeling of accomplishment. In the absence of a school fair there are some bedside table options available at DOMO. 

A perfumed candle is very important. It creates such a sense of calm and peace. We love the Ligne Roset Bougies Parfumees candle and for an extra touch of luxe in the bedroom, you cannot go past a CURIONOIR masterpiece. Watch this space for our own DOMO home scented candle coming soon.

As always, white flowers for me. They create a harmonious mood and feel fresh. They go with everything.

The essence of my bedroom recipe; it’s your retreat from the everyday chaos to the tranquility. 

I am looking forward to seeing your bedroom spaces, please ask if you need a little help or direction.

Stay Safe, Anna x

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